Investment Insights: June 2015

Fear and loathing


Hello and welcome to the final edition of Investment Insights for the 2015 Financial year.

If the title caught your attention for being overly negative, you should definitely keep reading because in this month's article we look at how the financial media uses negativity, outrage and emotion to attract you into their articles. This is not a new tactic, and as the article points out “The old line goes that if it bleeds it leads (Phil Pearlman says the higher the VIX the higher the clicks). People complain all the time about how the media these days are all about click-bait, but what do you expect them to do, publish material that no will want to read?” So as we approach a new financial year and the press moves into overdrive with predictions of what the market will do, what stocks are hot and which ones are not, make sure you remember how these articles are trying to draw you in and take every prediction you see with a grain of salt.

With a new financial year almost upon us, many of you may also be thinking about your investment strategy going forward. As you do this, you may want to read this article recently published by Daniel Minihan, our Director of Private Clients and Wealth, looking at longevity. Based on statistics that looked at survivorship, the article concludes that when planning for your future, you should also consider that you are likely to live much longer than previous generations and this longevity should be included in your plan.

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