Investment Insights: February 2015

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This month, we have a piece looking at the Top 10 Investment Guidelines which are designed to help you focus on long term investing. Many of the guidelines are self explanatory, but included are some details around why they are important. For example Number 7, Manage Your Emotions, which states “People who let their emotions dictate their decisions can end up buying at the top when greed is dominant and selling at the bottom when fear takes over. The alternative is to remain realistic”. Of course this is easy to do when written on paper in simple terms like this, but in practice when things are going well it seems like it will never end and when things are going bad it feels like they will never get better, so the real trick is having the discipline to apply the principle when you most need it!.
The other point that is not on the list but is of paramount importance is the reason you are investing in the first place. Ultimately we are all investing to help us achieve a goal. This might be to fund retirement, put your kids through school or to buy the bright red sports car. Investing helps you achieve these goals, that may otherwise not be achievable from your own efforts alone. It is therefore of critical importance that you both understand what you are trying to achieve and have a plan to get their.
Daniel Minihan, our Director of Wealth Management, has written a number of pieces on the need to plan and focus on your goals including this piece from early last year titled “Goals…Don’t Think Do” where he discussed the importance of establishing your goals and building a plan. From there the rest in theory should be easy as you simply need to follow the plan you have established, heed the Investment Guidelines talked about above and most importantly Let it Go and focus on what you can control.

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