Complete Tax Solutions for AMITs


Do you have funds which are opting into the new AMIT tax regime?

Does your tax software consider all the new rules and forms to be lodged under the AMIT tax regime?

Are you concerned about opting into the AMIT tax regime as your software or systems may not be ready?

Well CTS for AMITs is the solution for you!

Designed by ShineWing Australia - leading providers of tax services to the funds management industry. We are the first to offer an end-to-end tax solution that caters for the AMIT regime.

Whether you are a listed AREIT, large investment fund or a small group of funds, CTS for AMITs sets the industry standard for AMIT compliance.

CTS for AMITs has the following features:

  • Automation of unders and overs and a feature to cross allocate overs

  • Calculation of the net cost base adjustment for unit holders under the new CGT event E10

  • 2-step approach to allocating general expenses as prescribed by law

    • Step 1: Option to directly allocate specific expenses to income components

    • Step 2: Automated options to allocate remaining expenses (as prescribed by ATO)

  • Populates the AMMA statement consistent with the ATO's recommendation

  • Populates the new AMIT tax return and schedules

  • Electronic lodgement of the AMIT tax return and schedules via the Standard Business Reporting (SBR) portal

  • Integration with MITs (using CTS for Trusts) and vice versa

  • Rollover from prior year Trusts to AMITs

  • Rollup from subsidiaries (Trusts to AMITs or AMITs to Trusts)

Best of all, the existing features from our trusted CTS products are still there (and improved) including: 

  • Automation of tax adjustments directly from the trial balance

  • Preparation of tax distribution calculations

  • Integration with Excel workpapers (including advanced auto-link functionality)

  • Bulk trial balance upload for large groups

  • Fast and user-friendly interface

  • Audit report to help track reviewed numbers and queries from one convenient location

  • Easy-to-use structure for flowing distributions from Trusts or AMITs up to the head level

  • Excel functionality

  • Desktop, network and cloud options

If you would like a demonstration or have any further questions about the AMIT regime, our AMIT experts would be happy to discuss.

Please call Stephen O’Flynn, Ian Kearney, Abi Chellapen or Simon Tucker from ShineWing Australia on (03) 8635 1800.