Auto Insights: ShineWing Australia joins the conversation

The Inaugural Australian Automotive National Summit


We are pleased to announce that the boards of the Motor Trade Association of Australia Limited (MTAA) and the Australian Motor Industry Federation (AMIF) invited Brett Fowler, Partner ShineWing Australia, to participate in a panel discussion at the Inaugural Australian Automotive National Summit in Canberra.

What was discussed by the panel?

  • Taxation issues to be addressed by the Australian automotive industry
  • Redirecting a greater portion of revenue from excise tax to roads infrastructure (currently 25%) rather than to the Australian government revenue
  • The need to review the Luxury Car Tax (LCT)
  • User charging via the use of GPS, data technology and other mechanisms to secure infrastructure investment on a user pays basis.

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We look forward to bringing you a brief summary that highlights everything you need to know from the Summit.