Auto Insights: October 2016 automotive sales update

The automotive industry is on track for another record year for new vehicle sales.


Although October 2016 has seen a slight fall in sales (-1%) compared to the same month last year, the industry appears to be on track for another record year for new vehicle sales, with the market 2.4% ahead on year-to-date sales, compared to the same time last year.

Total vehicle sales YTD 2016

 Source: FCAI

Automotive sales update by segment (YTD)*

With the exception of passenger vehicles, all market vehicle segments have continued their strong growth in volume.

The gap between passenger vehicle and SUV sales has narrowed even further, with the Chief Executive of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, Tony Weber, stating that “it is likely that SUVs will become the larger segment sometime in the foreseeable future”. 


Segment Units sold   Change Market share
Passenger 404,020 -6.0% (-25,765 units) 41.2%
Sports Utility 368,545 9.4% (31, 583 units) 37.6%
Light Commercial 180,780 10.1% (16,635 units) 18.4%
Heavy Commercial 27,088 3.1% (827 units) 2.8%


Domestic Automotive trends

Locally manufactured vehicles continue to decline in sales volume with a 9.4% decrease for the year. Toyota continues to hold its position as the market leader in volume, followed by Hyundai and Mazda.

The Toyota HiLux was the top selling vehicle for October 2016, and has overtaken the Toyota Corolla as the top selling vehicle for the year-to-date.

The growth of SUVs and light commercial vehicles could see the HiLux take the top spot for sales for 2016, and if it does, it will be the first time a Ute has done so in the Australian market.

This growing segment has lured Mercedes-Benz to join the utility vehicle market, with their Ute to hit Australian dealerships in 2018.

 Automotive sales update by State - October 2016 vs. October 2015*

State Units sold  % change YTD
Australian Capital Territory 1,411 -6.7%
New South Wales 31,850 2.1%
Northern Territory 750 -9.2%
Queensland 16,870 -7.5%
South Australia 5,450 -6.4%
Tasmania 1,937 12.7%
Victoria 27,546 3.9%
Western Australia 7,580 -11.2%
Total 93,357 -1.0%


Automotive sales by Top Performers - October 2016 vs. October 2015*

Top selling vehicles October 2016 (units) Change 
Toyota HiLux 3,352 0.4%
Ford Ranger 3,217 23.9%
Toyota Corolla 3,210 -1.9%
Hyundai i30 2,718 1.8%
Mazda3 2,191 -15.1%
Top Manufacturers Market share Change
Toyota 17.5% -0.47%
Hyundai 9.3% -0.22%
Mazda 8.5% -0.56%
Holden 8.1% -0.52%
Ford 7.0% 0.51%


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*Source: FCAI