Income tax - When are deductions allowed for employees’ transport expenses?


On 13 December 2019 the Commissioner issued Draft Taxation Ruling TR 2019/D7 to replace one half...

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IMARC SDG poll 2019


At the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) in Melbourne this year, we introduced our Sustainability...

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Change to CGT implications for foreign residents – now law


Foreign tax residents impacted by new changes to the main resident capital gains tax exemption are...

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Car parking fringe benefit - draft tax ruling


The Australian Taxation Office has released a draft taxation ruling which impacts businesses who provide car...

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Research & development tax and government incentives update


Last week the Treasury Laws Amendment (Research & Development Tax Incentive) Bill 2019 was introduced into...

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Economic Infrastructure: Staples tax concession


The Federal Government introduced Stapled Group legislation earlier this year, increasing the MIT withholding tax from...

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Tax deductions for wages – When are they considered to be capital?


The ATO has released Draft Taxation Ruling TR 2019/D6 which may change the extent to which...

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Looming deadline on NSW property surcharges for discretionary trusts


Time is about to expire to amend discretionary trust deeds so as to avoid unintended duties...

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Enforcement of China’s new Foreign Investment Law


Due to the rapidly evolving regulatory regime for foreign investment in China, foreign investors need to...

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China’s new Foreign Investment Law


Earlier this year, the Chinese government approved a new Foreign Investment Law (FIL or 中华人民共和国外商投资法) which...

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