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Daniel Minihan

Partner, Business and Private Client Advisory

03 8635 1800


Services Business Advisory Private Clients and Wealth Management
Industries Private Enterprise and Wealth Investors Professional Services Education

Daniel helps clients align their financial choices with their goals and values and develops comprehensive financial strategies to achieve them.

He works with a broad spectrum of clients from small individuals to large private family groups to advise on cash flow, debt structuring, personal protection and retirement planning for individuals through to asset allocation, portfolio construction and investment selection for investors small and large.

Daniel provides clients with comprehensive financial services to get their entire financial house in order and keep it that way forever.

Daniel’s experience includes:

  • Developing simple and complex financial strategies to help clients achieve their goals
  • Providing investment and asset allocation advice to investors small and large
  • Working with Trustees of Superannuation Funds on Regulatory Compliance matters
  • Helping SME clients develop strategies to transition business wealth to personal wealth
  • Acting as Executor/Trustee/RP for Estate’s and PAF’s
  • Advising institutions on policy, asset allocation and investments 

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